God has the power to provide! (Hold on!)

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So today was the first day of my home church's vacation bible school. It is amazing to see how the simple teachings are so powerful not only in the children attending's lives, but in the adults who are volunteering their time and talents. It really just hit me how today's lesson, the title of my blog today, is happening in my life right now!
1. Using my love of sewing to design 2 bags to sell to those in my area. I called them Woohoo Bags, bc I say "Woohoo" all the time. (And I'd definitely say "woohoo!" if I bought one of these bags... Just sayin ;))

I am just having so much fun creating these for a few friends who have been so kind enough to purchase some from me. :)

2. I hate money and freak out about it all the time. Seriously. It leaves me a ball of stress whenever I think about it. (Thankfully my dear hubby is so good with saving and not spending money that he always calms me down when I freak out.) BUT I recently got a call from the job I was going back to this summer with an amazing company and even more amazing coworkers. God totally provides, yall.

3. Just before I got home for the summer from AZ, my awesome husband moved into a new apartment, that has a ton more space, 2 bathrooms!!, and near shopping and restaurants and great friends. We are loving it!!!

4. As I am sitting drinking my peach Fresca, I realize how lucky I am to have a job and a husband who so greatly provides the food and drinks in the fridge and pantry and to have access to clean drinking water right from the tap. So thankful for these amenities we deem nominal, but many around the world are struggling to have every single day.

5. On saturday, I was reminded that God so truly provides amazing people in our lives to show us His love. My loving husband and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary. Poor Aaron wasn't feeling super well with a sore throat and runny nose, but it was just wonderful to spend the day together and exchange gifts and remembrance of the day we spent one year ago with our most beloved friends and family. 

our yummy cake and beautiful cake topper (etsy has everything yall)

hardy har har....

one of my favorite pictures of me, ever!

5 of my dearest, most beloved friends

I absolutely adore this picture of my sweet sister and I

Momma and Daddy :)

Srsly. Love the ladies so much.

Omg I would've died this day with Marbear. AND this sweet lady is getting married herself!

Us and our amazing pianist, my own piano teacher of 6 years. I love her.

Our minister, Pastor Craig from my home church. He is the best!

Putting together the Unity Cross :)

Srsly. How CUTE is he?!

This picture cracks me up. :)

I felt so bad for the groomsmen. And I was slightly terrified for my life.

Some of my family and my's oldest friends. I love you Carroll family!

My favorite favorite favorite picture. It has been  my phone's background for a year and I can't even imagine changing it.

The two lucky wedding goers who caught the bouquet and garter! And it just so happens that Madeline got married herself May 15th! How cool is that :)
(Amazing pictures taken by Kim Daniels Photography yall. She is incredible.)

So saturday was a great day obviously. :)

6. God provided a true bonding craft for my mom, sister, and I. We all (the surprising one was my sister) have gotten super into sewing and quilting. My mom has been doing this since high school really, and I really got into it about a year ago, and then recently my sister has as well. This is truly a God moment because I totally love how we all have gotten closer because of it. I love receiving texts and phone calls with pictures of blocks and talks for hours about ideas, fabric, and what we are planning on doing next! It warms my heart, truly, to see this new facet in all of our's relationships blossom. I love my family so so much.

A few crafty things to end the blog:

Cool Threads and a simple Churn Dash block for my FGV Sampler :)

Corn and Tomatoes Block

Country Crossroads block!

One block of a bedrunner I am making :)

All put together!

Close up of another block :)

And y'all, keep praying for me. I am totally feeling them because obviously things have been looking up, but I could use them for a smidgen longer. :) I know God has the power to provide, because he has, and will keep on providing. :)


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