Looking back at 2015

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Well.... It's probably long past due in writing another blog. As you probably can tell, I've taken a bit of a hiatus from my already short stint as a blogger. Life just gets in the way. Well the reason for my hiatus was that I went back to Arizona to continue on in my Master's degree. God certainly has a much different schedule and tasks that He wants me to accomplish on His time, which almost never matches up with what I want or think that I need. Looking back over this year, it's strange to see all the changes that have happened. I finished my first year of graduate school in May, celebrated my 1st year anniversary with my dear husband, survived a summer working retail with great customers, accumulated more projects I aspire to make, lost a grandmother who in turn made it possible to come back for my 3rd semester in graduate school, truly enjoyed my 3rd semester of graduate school, gained confidence in myself and who I am as a mathematician, grew closer to my family, was able to witness 2 of my closest friends get married to truly wonderful men (and at one I gave a kick-ass Matron of Honor speech), make new friends, and sadly help see the end of an era as my parents get ready to move and sell the house I grew up in, celebrated birthdays, holidays, had homework parties in, it was the first place I went to after getting engaged, (and getting married because I left my passport there...). It is full of a lifetime of memories, good and bad. It's weird how sentimental you can become over something such as a home. But I know my parents and sister are looking forward to the next stages in their lives for downsizing and my mom getting the 2 sewing rooms she has always dreamed of. (I'm pretty jealous.) And as wonderful as this past year has been, there are many things I have to look forward to next year as well: (hopefully) finishing my master's degree, coming home to my amazing husband who has supported me and loved me unconditionally during my 2 years in Arizona, finding a teaching job, finishing all the 10000 projects I have accumulated (maybe not all... but some would be nice :) ), helping my parents with their new home, seeing my best friend Cina come home from missionary work overseas, and much more. These are the few things I have in mind for next year, and I look forward to seeing what else God wants to put on my plate. As I've especially learned during this year and a half of graduate school, He is truly the one thing I can lean on in all matters, because only He knows the outcomes and the path I am headed down. He has led me in all aspects of my life, to my husband, to my wonderful friends, to the school I am getting another degree from, and to who I am today. For those of you who know me well, you know how bumpy the road was, how doubtful I was (and still am at times) in myself and Him, how grateful I was when I saw His will being done. I also want to thank all of my family and friends for putting up with me this year, my anger and love, my ups and downs, and loving me throughout it all. I can't wait to see how next year turns out! (For those crafters, I will post soon with some pictures of my recent projects.)


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